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A sustainable and ethical way of life – available to our members

A sustainable and ethical way of life – available to our members

Slowly but surely, businesses are becoming more environmentally and socially responsible, taking into account the influence they have on the planet and their local communities. At Volubilis, we believe that everything is connected and that our actions today have an impact further down the line.

To this end, we strive to create a work environment that not only supports our members’ professional life but also their personal well-being. One way we do this is by offering our members fair trade Farmer’s Baskets in collaboration with the Arboretum Foundation.

We were delighted to work in partnership with the Arboretum Foundation as they align perfectly with the Volubilis philosophy. They provide high-quality produce, yet in a sustainable, regenerative and ethical way.

By striving to cultivate ecological awareness, we hope to inspire individuals to adopt more sustainable habits. Through sourcing seasonal ingredients and supporting local growers, Volubilis and the Arboretum Foundation are championing eco-consciousness and diminishing the food industry’s carbon footprint – and all the while, sourcing delicious, fresh fruit, veg and herbs that benefit our own community.

Why offer the Volubilis Farmer’s Basket to our members?

At our co-working site, we understand that the well-being of our members goes beyond the work they do. We understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in maintaining physical and mental welfare, as well as supporting our local farming community.

Why subscribe to the Volubilis Farmer’s Basket?

Health Benefits: Despite our best intentions, work and life often get in the way of our desire to eat fresh, healthy food. Late nights working, business lunches and dinners – all can disrupt our commitment to a healthy diet. Making great choices readily available to take home removes the effort from the ‘what to have for dinner’ question and offers a nourishing answer, packed and ready for the pot!

Environmental Benefits: Arboretum collaborates with farmers who are aligned with their regenerative and water-saving philosophy. They are also aware that farmland needs to be nourished, and that simply pouring more chemicals on it is not a solution. To this end, they employ regenerative practices to maintain soil health. By supporting local farmers, we are contributing to a healthier environment. We also recycle and reuse packaging in the baskets themselves.

Social Benefits: Fair trade practices ensure that farmers and workers are paid fairly for their hard work. By supporting fair trade, we promote social justice and help reduce poverty.

Don’t know what to cook? We got you!

As part of our Farmer’s Basket service, and following common dietary recommendations, the Arboretum Foundation offers as many varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs as possible. Not everyone is a great cook however – and we’ve thought of that. Every month a seasonal favourite is highlighted, informing subscribers about nutritional information as well as some ideas on how to cook it. You’ll never be stuck for a healthy, delicious meal again.

Volubilis is committed to maintaining the Farmer’s Basket subscription at a fair price to our members, as well as fair remuneration to the farmers who produce them.

The collaboration between Volubilis and the Arboretum Foundation is a fantastic example of how businesses can work together to support sustainable practices and promote local farming.

Want to find out more about Volubilis and what it would be like to work in a friendly, ethical co-working space? Contact us for more info.