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More than a co-working space

The space at Volubilis is designed to be a seamless hybrid of the decades-long heritage of the building and a truly unique modern design. The end result is a co-working space that is as stylish as it is practical, as inspiring as it is functional, and as beautiful as it is convenient.

Volubilis is here to exceed your expectations of what a collaborative working space can be. That is the culmination of our dream: to create a different, better way of working.

We follow that dream in everything that we do. That includes putting sustainability and responsibility at the core of our activities, advocating for collaboration between our members, and providing co-working spaces that exude comfort and encourage productivity.

Our mission

The family behind the Volubilis space is dedicated to helping successful entrepreneurs and freelancers to thrive. That is why Volubilis is not just a place to work, but it is a place to live — a space that is both secluded and shared, a garden and pool reminiscent of vacations, an interior that can be your home away from home.

We want our members to feel comfortable here, and we want to provide a working environment that can serve both as a space for focus and solo work, as well as a place to effortlessly connect and collaborate with your peers.

Form meets function

All you need to get your work done is an office space: a desk, a chair, and somewhere to plug in your laptop.

What you need to really enjoy your work, grow as a person and entrepreneur, and embrace your creative side, is a space that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. A collaborative working environment that feels like home.